Europod Exchange 29 Jun-5 Jul: Accommodation for young people.

This year we’re hosting the shooting in this youth exchange, organised here by Sport Birmingham. We want to provide family, or other suitable accommodation for French and German partiicipants in the age range 12-16 yrs. Ideally it should be in the Sutton Coldfield area.

If you’re a member, or fellow shooter and can offer this, or are thinking about it, please contact us vis the site.

Ideally we should have max number by 9 Jan. Hope to hear from you

Club member wins British Championship

On Sat 20th of September, Kate beat a good field to win the British Short Range Pistol Championship, in the NSRA Pistol Championships at Bisley.  She was award the Allies Trophy and becomes the first female to win this.

The competition was over two 30 shot stages at 20yd.  After the qualification round she finished 2nd.  In the final she beat former multi-winner, Mick Gault, by one point. Her husband James was also a finalist.  There’s more; Kate came 3rd in Womens’ 25m pistol and was leading the Life and Annual Members’ Competition.

The couple started shooting at Sutton, after Kate saw it at the 2012 Olympics, and have made good progress since then. We’re proud of them both.


Field day at Wolverhampton

This year the club is 70 years old. A few of us talked about doing something in addition to the annual dinner.  The consensus was that it should involve shooting, then the idea of a day, where all disciplines could shoot, would be good. The Regional Shooting centre at Wolverhampton was mentioned, and that’s where we went.

There were 13 of us plus a coach and a non-shooter.  There were representatives from the sport rifle/benchrest group, pistol, and prone rifle groups.  Some shot indoors at first, but we all ended up outside at 25 or 50m.  Thanks to Keith the coach, Kate & James for the food, and Mel and Ian from the Centre.  All seemed happy, so it could happen again.


First time outside @ 50m, with the coach




Pistol @ 25m






Birmingham Disability Sports Fest 2014 – How it went

The Club took part in this, the second BDSF, where we provided demonstration and taster sessions. At the launch event in Fox Hollies Leisure Centre Sat the 12th, we used laser rifles and a Scatt (IR training) system. This was followed by two sessions at the Club on 16th & 20th of July with our air rifles and pistols.

In total, we gave sessions for 40 disabled people (incl. 4 who shot twice) and 13 carers, support workers, friends, and family members. There were two or three that couldn’t make it, so we’re hoping to arrange a session for them.

The feedback we’ve seen has been very good, and we should get more. We hope it will result in more members and better contacts with organisations concerned with shooting, sport, and disability.

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Members’ successes at regional champs

A good day for some members of Sutton’s small contingent of competitors at the 10m champs in wolverhampton on Sat 24 May.  Kate Broome shot a PB (555) to give her the regional confined title, the womens’ open title, and second in the team event with husband James.  In rifle Jayne Bennet cam 2nd in the open class B.  l